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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Need to finish it before Saturday. :) Will go to Book Signing of Tahereh Mafi here at PH. What rate?? What rate?? >__< Like I'm a Team Adam for Shatter Me, Team Edward for Twilight, Team Alex for Delirium, I don't like the girl being paired to another character besides the MAIN one.I am not saying that this is what happened to Shatter Me. It's just that when I went to Tahereh Mafi's book signing event, the girls are all Team WARNER. :o And just like the other girl who asked a question for Mafi, I'm a team Adam, and I am scared liking the other guy, Warner. Uh, noooo. Why is it you make Warner got more appeal than Adam to the point the girls love him a freakin' LOT rather than ADAM? I mean, does that mean more WARNER in second book rather than ADAM??And Mafi also mentioned something in second book Chapter 60. I didn't look at it yet for fear of spoiler. And because I haven't started the second book yet. I just bought it yesterday! :o Okay so yeah, call me stupid or ignorant or oblivious. I didn't associate Juliette with Rouge of X-Men. Didn't even thought of it. and when it was mentioned yesterday... I was like "oh, yeah. they are alike. Huh. didn't thought of that." :P And the author honestly didn't know about Rouge of X-Men too! :PThe premise is actually quite good. I like how there's a community of THEM. :P Totally like X-men now that I think of it. It's pretty cool. Looking forward for the rest of the books.OH yeah, before I forgot, Tahereh said that there'll be e-novella coming up on Dec2013. and that the last book will be out on Jan2014 or Feb2014. >_< Too freakin' long.