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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee Warning: Unmarked SpoilersAfter finishing this book, I look it up here in GR to see when will the next book be released. Sadly, no info yet. Just 2012. WTF? I want to read the next book right now! Angelfall is, well, Angel plus DYSTOPIA. I'm getting addicted to Dystopian series and Angel books are okay with me too, not my favorite though. BUT THIS BOOK SWEEPS ME OFF MY FEET. I was like, "OMG. I'm falling for cocky guys!".The book was action-packed and I love it! There's no boring moments! I was immediately hooked and I feel like I'm one with Penryn. I mean, there's this scene that she's fighting a bastard guy (LOL), and she was jabbed in her breast. I was like, "aww! That hurts!" I swear I feel what she felt that time! That hasn't happened yet to me, only now.Penryn is a strong girl/woman/lady/teen, whatever, I don't think her age was mentioned. I like it when she fights for her sister Paige, she cares for her family more than herself. I like that she's not whiny or mopey. And this is the first time (I think so) I've read a book that the character is HUMAN GIRL and can DEFEND HERSELF really well. THAT. IS. AWESOME.And boy, Raffe. Raffe. Raffe. I'm effin' speechless with this Angel. I want him for myself. lol! I was sorry for him. His wings were torn off (cut-off) by Beliel (if I'm not mistaken) and he's not accustomed to walking. But... but... uh... I don't know how to continue to this review. LOL.IT's just absofreakinlutely AWESOME!!! SO you should go read this book! Although you'll wait for months for the next book to be release.Btw, I'm sometimes confused with the world before. I mean Penryn's life before the Angels arrived, 'cause it didn't said much, just bits of info here and there. But well, it's okay. I love the book. GO READ THE BOOK!!! :) THIS BOOK DESERVES A FIVE STAR. :)P.S. How did I get to know this book? Well, *looks at Mel and Butterfly* They made me read it and THANK GOODNESS THEY DID!!! Thank you guys! :)