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Hidden Gates

Hidden Gates (P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy) - D. T. Dyllin This book will be on my DNF list. I tried. Really tried to get over it... but I can't. It really annoyed me on how the story develops. Love story sucks. As of 45%, it's really pure love story. And the main problem is mentioned but they didn't really do anything yet. I hate how the girl is attracted to every guys that says they like him beyond everytghing else. And both guys claiming they are suited for her. Uh, hello? Bryn just got out of the picture, the first guy who she slept with, she love him but now doubting it and then cheating with him because of kissing two different guys. Sure, it might not be her fault, not really, but how the conversation is going, I am so annoyed I can't continue this. Or I might harm someone. I know too that this is not the first time I read an annoying book but I got it over it... But today, I'm really just not in the mood and maybe I got enough of those kinds of books for today. Maybe this book will be to your liking. Please do not decide whether you'll read the book just because of this review. That is just my opinion but yes, I am sorry for not finishing this book. :(I do think I could rate it since I am in the middle of the book when I stopped, so yeah, 1.5 stars. In between but rounded down.