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The Submissive (The Submissive Trilogy, # 1)

The Submissive (The Submissive Trilogy, # 1) - Tara Sue Me Time and time again. I always remind everyone that I'm not an Adult/Erotica reader. Much less a BDSM one. I'm more of a Young Adult/New Adult reader. But I just wanted to read some contemporary today and I saw the second book up for ARC request. So I just looked at the first book and just told myself, "Sure, why not?" LOL.Well, this one book is surprisingly good. BDSM removed, the lines is good, some witty remarks are good. Made me laugh or smirk. I enjoyed reading it. Of course there're lots of smut going on. Riding crop, spanking, plugs (shuddered at this one)... are always there.. The main plot or climax of the story is okay-ish. That's what I don't like. If they could just explain each other well... Hmmm... oh well. I think that'll be always the plot. Misunderstanding and all that. But yeah, I enjoyed reading it to the point I read it for just 6 hours. And yes, that's quite fast for me cause nowadays, I barely got enough time to read. And this is the first book in weeks that kept me reading non-stop.