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黒子のバスケ 17 (ジャンプコミックス)

Kuroko No Basuke 17 - Tadatoshi Fujimaki Wow. Seriously. Mu.. Muk... uh... that tall guy from the other team and was from the Generation of Miracles, he's too damn TALL for a highschool player. :O WHAT?! He's like 200 something cm? Like 6ft tall! Just saw the full name. LOL. Murasakibara, Atsushi. Second Game: Seirin VS Yousen. Tatsuya is weird. I mean I wonder what happened to him. He's not the same Tatsuya, Kagami knew back when they were both in United States. Yosen Gakuen's players are ridiculously tall. And being so tall, they got the advantage. A huge advantage. They're best at defense. They got long legs, wide wing span... I mean, how in the world would Seirin defeat them? :oOMG!!! Last volume, Kuroko asked Aomine to teach him how to shoot right?! DAMN! Now, he knows how and WOW. Aomine even admitted that he couldn't block it. Shit. And the way he stands and the form Kuroko took before shooting... I just knew it'll be like a curve. I mean a high curve. Where you'll push it upwards and then let it fall like a semi-circle. WOOT. Finally a point from Seirin!!!! DAMMIT. YOU ARE SO COOL, KUROKO!!! :) Now it's his time to shine once again!