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The Originals

The Originals - Cat Patrick Got the paperback for the blog tour today! :) Yay! Brought it with me here in the office to read. ;)4.5 stars! :) review to come. Posted at Fastidious Reader.First of all, thank you to my fellow Pinoy, Dianne of Oops I Read A Book Again and Pinoy Book Tours for doing this book tour. I love your concept guys. For touring a real physical books all around Philippines, even if it's just one copy per book, it's so nice to have it that way. Honestly? I forgot all about the blurb when I got the book. So it's like starting it without any knowledge about the book. I know, I could've look at the back of the book. But I didn't until I was at least 5 chapters in. I was... amazed by the premise. It's new to the eyes. Well, my eyes. It's something I don't really think it'll happen. Or I didn't think one would create a world like that. I'm actually still wondering if this book is a dystopian book or a contemporary one. I guess it IS a contemporary novel with bits of Science Fiction and not dystopia since there's no Apocalyptic things happening in this book. Hmm.. So okay, I think we all thought of having clones right? Like you, I wished I got clones so I could divide myself. I actually want the Naruto kind of clones. :P Where I could get the knowledge of what my clone/s did after going back to my body. I want my clones to read all the books I've been meaning to read or watch the TV series I've been waiting for a long time or maybe sleep more or do my work for me. You know, all those things. Yes, I'm that lazy. LOL.But in here, Lizzie, Betsey and Ella are all clones. And no, they're not the Naruto kind. They're the kind where they've been researched thoroughly first and then experimented on human cloning. We all know that scientists are really trying to clone a human or I mean, the animals first before human. Anyway, Lizzie is the one who's talking in the book. I love that those three got their own personalities. That they still have their own minds, characters even if they are living as one. I like how Patrick still gave the other clones, Betsey and Ella, their own personalities and that over the course of the book, they started to stand up on their own. Actually, this book is more of a contemporary one. Since Lizzie fell in love, they were presented a situation that is a bit chaotic for their lifestyle since they are living as one person and not as triplets. I get it, I mean of course it's weird if you suddenly dated a person you don't like or that the person you like dated the others because the date time falls in their time. Their arrangement is strange but at the same time they did made it work before Lizzie met Sean Kelly.I like how it was done. The mysteriousness of the whole thing. The protectiveness of their mom. The lies. How they arrived at the truth. The closeness between the three clones. The support of Sean to Lizzie. What I didn't like was... maybe the way Lizzie felt to her mom after all of those things happened to them. I do get her for her reasons to feel that way... But I don't believe that's enough... Or is it just me? Oh well.Well, that's how it is. I love Cat Patrick's work on this one. Love the premise and characters. It's my first book of hers. And I think I'll be reading more of hers. :)