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Wicked Kiss

Wicked Kiss - Michelle Rowen I must say... I quite like this second book. A freakin' LOT. I finished it earlier like 3 hours ago or 4. But since I can't access GR yet... Here I am. Rowen did a very nice job on this second book. She had me gripping my seat and waiting anxiously what would happen to Samantha, Bishop and the whole fiasco. I like how it was written, how it was delivered. I like how Samantha improved. And I love Kraven. Surprisingly I like him more than Bishop. I mean I do like Bishop but there's certainly appeal for Kraven.I just mean, maybe it's because of the bad boy image he's projecting? But then again, Bishop is not your normal Angel too. He also got that bad boy image. Oh. Maybe it's because Kraven is sarcastic and Bishop is getting crazier by the minute? LOL. I like sarcastic guys, makes me laugh all the time. And I love Kraven because of what he is, deep down. There's more to him than being a Demon. I like their history. Between Bishop and Kraven, that is.Rowen also managed to trick me a bit. Letting me think that the one touching is her father. *shakes head* I was totally deceived. And plus the thing with Seth. Totally deceived. I didn't thought of those. LOL. I was a bit sad with what happened to the other on the team. :( Just wished it end up in other way.Deceived me and you'll be rewarded. LOL. That's how I am with this books. If you managed to WOW me and deceived me by letting me think that this would happen but in the end it's NOT (in a good way and if I liked how it happened), you're in for 5 stars. :) I'm easy to please. So most of the books I read and liked ends up with high rating no matter what other may say... Sometimes. LOL. And hurray me for finishing it before 26th of February 2013, US time. LOL. It's already Tuesday in mine but since I'm following US... Good for me. LOL.