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The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa EDIT: Cover for UK is gorgeous! :)Julie Kagawa never fails to impress me. From Fey to Vampires and back to Fey again... One of the best writer!First of all, I wish to interview Kagawa and ask a lot of stuff about The Lost Prince. Like for one thing, why the Filipino martial arts? I know Kali since I am a Filipino myself. Heck, we did it in school as part of our curriculum (both in Highschool and College). It's just that it's a bit weird to read an international best selling book with Filipino words. And it's like Kagawa is promoting my country or something even though she's not from Philippines and I am pretty thankful for that.Hmmm... Ethan Chase... We all know who is Ethan Chase, we all saw him in the first Iron Fey book where he was just a four year old kid. In The Lost Prince, he came back after 13 years? Since I believe he's seventeen year old now. And damn. He's so HOT, brooding kick-ass guy, and a jerk-face. :P I guess that really what makes him YUMMY. :D I like him a lot since he seriously could kick some faery ass-es with those rattan sticks (we also called it Arnis here in the Philippines).It's pretty cool martial arts. I like doing it back then. It resembles the Japanese Kendo, although in Kendo, you only got one stick and you're limited to forward and backward movements and the places where you can hit someone. In Arnis or Kali you get two rattan sticks, I still have those here in our house. You still have designated places where you can hit someone in practice, but you'll get to hit in every places. Well except the crotch. Mackenzie St. James or simply Kenzie... Am I the only one who didn't really like her from the start? ??? I mean, I'm really annoyed at her being nosy and pushing Ethan to his limit... I want to strangle her... But well, I guess it lessened when she confessed. But yes I don't like her very much from the start and now, just neutral. *shrugs* Then there's Kierran. He's a bit like Puck at first. Being kinda playful... but as the story goes on you'll see his father's side in him. We all know who's Kierran, right? That is if you read The Iron Prophecy... He's pretty important to Nevernever having all magic from the three courts, Summer, Winter and Iron. How cool is that?! I like how the story goes. From the first part, where Ethan was in school then the second part getting to Nevernever and the third one was being on the mission. It was divided pretty well. I can't ask for more well maybe except Kenzie be a bit less annoying. >_< The ending is not really a cliffhanger, but you'll end up having lots of unanswered questions in your head.4.5 stars! Definitely one of the best books I have ever read in this month. ;)