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BLEACH―ブリーチ― 55 (ジャンプコミックス)

Bleach, Vol. 55: The Blood Warfare - Tite Kubo After having problems with the past Deputy Soul Reaper, Ginjo. Ichigo and the Soul Society got a new one. It was now because of the thousand year problem of Genryusai Yamamoto. They are the Quincies. They want Yama-jii and the Soul Soceity dead. They wanted to take over. It's still in the beginning so it was not yet explained fully. But I have read the manga chapters advance somewhere and I know that it will all be coming down to Soul Society. I think this would be the biggest problem they ever had. As I always say I want to know what is Ichigo's history. His father as we all know is a Shinigami too. That's why he got a shinigami powers in the first place. BUT his father haven't really talked about it all. Plus his mother. So I believe this manga would not yet end. There're still mysteries needed to be solve.As always, I really like Nel! :) And well, it all comes down to Ichigo anyway. Whether or not the enemies would make a move depends on Ichigo. LOL. They're about to attack Soul Society because Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo. How cowardly. Kudos to Tite Kubo! :)