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The Keeper's Curse (The Keeper's Curse, #1)

The Keeper's Curse - Diana  Harrison Also up in my blog: Ramblings of a YA ReaderI already admit this a lot of times now... First, I love the cover. That's the reason why I looked it up in the first place. I am a cover slut. So I mostly picked books based on pretty covers. Although I try not to judge the books by its cover. Second, I saw Diana's - the author herself - review about it. Since she put pretty pictures and what you will get if you read it, she had me at that.I must say that this book is a page-turner. I wanted to know what would happen as soon as I read the next dialogue. I even cheated accidentally, I mean I was reading this part and then my eyes wandered to the next part where there's this interesting dialogues. LOL. So I hurried to finish the part I am reading so I could move onto the next one.Just to be clear, I am not the type of reviewer that tackles about how it was written. I mostly review what I feel about it. It might be biased or something, but that what I am comfortable with. Anyway, I love how the story progress, how Emmy need to go to the Methelwood, try to blend in and go to school, then she still hear voices and then knowing it was Breckin Crawford. Then knowing what it's all about, knowing Cyrus Crow, and all that. It's a good plot, great execution of story.I'm not a big fan of Emmy since sometimes she irritates me like that when she was first brought in Methelwood where she blamed her mother, hated her even. I mean, sure you feel angry about it cause your Mom keep a secret. But she didn't take her time to think about the WHY. Or maybe she did, but she let her anger and hate surfaced more as to being reasonable.There's this bit of a love triangle. I don't like love triangle BUT I hated it when the female MC can't decide who she wants and the two guys both love her. In this book, it's not like that. From the first time Cyrus came in Methelwood and when he and Emmy was together, I like him more than Breckin. Maybe it's because Cyrus is a bit of a jerk and a bad boy reputation or something, but I definitely LOVE Cyrus. I want him to be with Emmy rather than Breckin. But who am I to say that they'll really end up together and not Breckin, anyway? LOL.I love how it ends but I am craving for more. I want Emmy to explore more of the Methelwood and it's orbs and citezens and what ability does she have.But regardless of that, I really liked it and I enjoyed reading it. I am excited to read the second book now! Omg. I hope Diana's doing the second installment now. Wonder when will it be published? :) Grab your copy now!