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The Avery Shaw Experiment

The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram I'm a HUGE fan of Kelly Oram, no matter what people say about some of her books. So it is not really a surprise that after reading The Avery Shaw Experiment, I got this dopey grin plastered to my face. Yeah. I love this book. I love Grayson. I love Avery. Of course, including Libby.I'm not yet even on the middle and just started reading it back then, when I know for SURE I am going to love it. I know! I keep repeating myself. But hey, my review, my rules. lol. Anyway, I get what people or readers said about Avery being annoying because of her being naive and that the story was a stereotype kind of book and a cliche. Big words for me to understand (got my Merriam-Webster Dictionary on-hand while reading some of the reviews). LMAO.But for me, it totally works. The way how Avery was created, her character, her naivety despite being a nerd or a genius, her being annoying sometimes, fitted the whole story. It was explained as to WHY she was like that. Why does she feel like that. WHY she was doing the 'experiment' in the first place. I long understand that some genius people really do have a stupid moments in their life. There will always be something a genius might not know. Even if they are, yeah, a genius.So yes, I totally get all of it. I love how Grayson tried to change Avery. How they became close afterwards. How Grayson starts to have feelings for Avery. And NOT just as a big brother but a LOT more. Yes, I do feel annoyed with Avery, well slightly (so little it's not really distinguishable that I really was annoyed), when she doesn't understand some things about her own feelings. But, as I have mentioned earlier, it all fitted for the story.The story is perfect for the both of them. I love Grayson. ^^ yeah... well, nuff said. :P Libby is so good too! I love how she stand up with anyone for Avery. And I love how pushy she was to Owen. I love her character! I want a story for Libby and Owen! Thanks to Kelly Oram and all the other authors out there for making reading so fun and worth our time! :) I do wish TBD would carry the book so I could order the paperback. :)