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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I knew it would leave me hanging like that AIA book. Now I am like Hazel, wanting to know what happened next. If she died too like Anna in AIA. I hate you, John Green for ending it like that. >:( Whatever.And as much as I really wanna hate John Green, I don't. Not really. Like the AIA book (this book is just a fictional book and doesn't really exist, it was just mentioned in TFOS book), I know that it just feel right to end like that. It's appropriate. Although it just leave me wanting to know what happened with the other character... I'm okay with the ending. The Fault in Our Stars got really high praises from almost everyone I know from Goodreads. My real life friends (those who had already read the book) says that I would love the book and will cry like they did. Well, yeah I was expecting it to be so epic. WHAT? Put yourself in my shoes and of course you'll expect something high from it.Did my expectation meets the book's praises from everyone? Well, yeah! But not that much. I mean, first part of the book, I'm waiting for the crying part. And got nothing. But that's okay. I told myself, it's just the first part, of course there's no crying yet. Middle part, still got nothing. Although I'm quite satisfied with how the story is developing.I love Augustus, love Hazel, I like them together. I like how they try to be with each other even with all the sickness they both got. So yeah... Slightly last part (maybe between the middle and last part of the book), I got a bit shocked. Because well he relapsed. I guess that it is a possibility even though they cleared you at first and still clear for a long time. Also, I don't like how Gus told his friend (forgot his name) and Hazel to make an Obituary for him. It just breaks my heart. Still does whenever I think of it, like right now. I'm a bit teary eyed remembering how and what they wrote for him in case he dies. I would never be strong enough to write about my loved ones for their funeral. I would never be strong enough to tell them to write one, in the first place. But that last part? I freakin' cried. WHY?! Why... It's just so sudden. I turn the next page, on the next chapter... HE DIED?! WHY?! JUST. LIKE. THAT. I was like. WHAT?! :((( and then I love the letter he made for the author of AIA. It was really for Hazel. How he felt for her. It's just so... heartbreaking. Because he's gone and all that. And I feel what Hazel was feeling while reading the letter. I feel like there's more to the letter when it got cut off. Yeah. It ends with the letter. But I really feel that there's still some message left. I do think it was cut because Hazel dies too. Yeah. Sad. :(I don't really like reading books where one of the main characters die. That's why I never read Nicholas Sparks books anymore. But anyway... The plot of this TFOS is really good. The characters are well created, well-thought. It shows what happens to people who have cancer. How they feel. I know it might not be what they REALLY think because they might lose hope... but this book is about learning to live while you can. Hoping that one day you'll be okay. That SOMEONE is still there to love you unconditionally. Who support you without question asks because they love you so much. It's not just about the person who got cancer. It's also about the people around them. Their loved ones trying to cope, it might always be rough... but again... Don't lose hope. I know it is hard. SO hard and SO EASY to just give it all up. But if you could still can... DON'T. I might be interpreting the book wrong... but that's how I felt after reading it. So that's just my opinion and you are entitled to yours too. :)