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Thorns: 2

Thorns - Kate Avery Ellison I don't actually know what to think about this book. Pretty good. But it's a bit boring unlike the first one, Frost. BUT, I do admit that I freakin' like Adam. I liked him from the start of this series. I knew or maybe I hoped that in the end they'll be together. I don't like Gabe that much, actually. And I am glad that it's not insta-love, for a change.And I did suspect something about THAT girl. And... and... uh, one thing I don't like in the book is that some of the characters are too stubborn for their own good. I don't like that... >.< I hate it when one would say that you should not do this because it'll might get you hurt and one would answer back that it will not and that he/she wanted to help and they keep on pressing the issue. UGH. DISLIKE it.Anyway, I'm off to read the third book next week, maybe. :)