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Ryan Hunter: 2 (Grover Beach Team)

Ryan Hunter - Anna Katmore, Piper Shelly Piper Shelly just released Ryan Hunter book!!! :) It's on her Wordpress blog. http://pipershelly.com/ryan-hunter-gbt-2/ How cool is that?! It's until Chapter 8. I haven't read it yet, will do later when I wake up. Yay! UPDATE, the book got a total of 14 Chapters plus an Epilogue.REVIEWOMG!!! I love Ryan Hunter a helluva LOT!!! Reading their story, Ryan and Liza, all over again and told from Ryan's POV... WOW. I like it! It is really nice knowing what Ryan Hunter thought about Liza. I really liked knowing how and what Liza do to him. Dammit. Pretty cool and sweet. But I just had to say... Ryan Hunter sounds like a horny dude in here. LMAO. Well, I guess that's how some men's mind thinks. *smirk* And for a male teenager, I could understand his... situation. Good thing he is really in love with Liza and not the type who just want to get into her pants.Thank you Sheryl for you know what! ;) This is such a fun read as always. Piper Shelly did a good job once again! :) Hope to hear from Tony soon! :)