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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - Okay. First, I thought I marked this as Currently Reading 2 or 3 days ago... Only to find out (after I finished this book) that I marked the wrong book. I marked Unravel Me instead of Destroy Me. *rolls eyes*Second, I was a bit scared to start this e-novella... Because people who read it, started to like Warner. I'm Team Adam. So yeah, scared to do a switch.Third, I am STILL Team ADAM. I mean, I do understand Warner. I get it. I know how he feels because it was him talking... I know how his mind works now. I know that there is still something inside of Warner. He's not that all of a MONSTER we thought he is for doing all those things to Juliette. There is still goodness inside of him. The cold, unfeeling emotion he display is just a facade he needed to keep. Or be destroy by those people surrounding him.I like him, but not enough for me to switch to Team Warner. Anyway, so yeah, 4 stars for Warner.