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The Mortal Instruments Movie
The Mortal Instruments Movie

Have you guys watched The Mortal Instruments already? Or at least read the book?? I did both. I read the book, I think 3 years ago... And watched the film just last Sunday (August 25th 2013) without re-reading the said book. :o I know and remember the outline of what happened in the book... But I don't remember every bit of details. Soooooo. I QUITE LIKED THE MOVIE.


I really did enjoyed myself watching the film. I was so engrossed and serious while watching it that my boyfriend just shocked me and I was frightened a bit. lol. :D


BF: How many books are in there?

ME: Currently there's 5, next year the last book will be released.

BF: *thinking*

ME: I won't bring you anymore next time. 

BF: Well you're scared anyways, why would you watch it yourself? *snickers*

ME: Cause you shocked me! I was serious at watching the movie and you suddenly grab me and made noise! 


Yeaaaaah. We argued about that. lol. Anyway, the effects are awesome. The demons are so realistic. The clothes that were used are superb.


The movie is great! You should watch it!