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Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare I love how it ends! That really is a perfect ending. This is the only love triangle that I could tolerate. I even love them. I mean, how could you hate Jem Carstairs when he's like that?! This series is way better than TMI, but of course I totally support TMI too. :PThis book/trilogy... is so good that I do not have the right words for it. Look at my friends' reviews. Look at Mitch's. LOL. Just saying that he rarely gives out a 5 star rating in a book unless it's really good or it get to him. That is HOW MUCH we like or how good the trilogy was.I do got some confusing question though. Now that we finished this trilogy, we already knew what happened with all of them. So in the Epilogue, it was set 2008... And yeah... So the question is, Bro Z appeared in TMI, am I correct? I think it was on the 4th or 5th that he started spewing cryptic shit about life and love and whatnot to someone there... and then all the readers speculate WHO THE HELL IS BROTHER ZACHARIAH and is he from this Trilogy's time?! Sooooo... knowing what you know from TMI and after reading this Clockwork Princess... Explain it to me. LOL. Is it a different person who just got the same name as Bro Z? I hope you all are getting my thoughts clearly. >.