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Avoiding Intimacy

Avoiding Intimacy - K.A. Linde Surprisingly, I pretty much like it. Unlike the first two books in this series where it made me want to 'banged my head on my laptop', rolled eyes a freakin' LOT, slapped my forehead, pull out my hair. :PThankfully, Chyna is a LOT better character than Lexi. She's a strong character. I like her. Even though at some point there's this instance where I said "Like best friends... And birds of the same feather flocks together." And what's up with that John?! I mean, I think we all know who is John. I suggest stop reading this review now and read the second book cause I might put unmarked spoiler. And anyway, John is Adam's brother. As far as I could remember, he is also the mysterious guy of Lexi. If I'm mistaken, please do correct me. And so, the question would be how the heck did Lexi and John know each other? And I think in this book, John already knew about Lexi. I mean how did that two even met?! Okay so this book is about Chyna, Lexi's best friend. Since book 1, I liked Chyna. She didn't accept shit from anyone. She stood to what she believed in, do things she believe she wouldn't regret, yes, even going with different guys per day in the past. But ever since she met Adam, her lifestyle changed a bit. For example, not going with anyone other than Adam. That's huge for her. And I liked that she tried to be with Adam.BUT, I started to dislike Adam with his poor choices about the two of them. I mean, duh. Why would you do that?! >:( I feel like he's trying to control Chyna. And when he didn't get his way... poof?! Uh,heellllooo? And not only once, but twice?! OMG. How could you?!Over-all though, yeah, pretty much liked Chyna's story. Although, let me tell you, it's hard to read the book with a male name Marco and then got into a relationship with Chyna. :o The girls would know why it's a bit weird for me. LOL.