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Eve (Eve, #1)

Eve (Eve, #1) - Anna Carey Damn. I finally finished it. It took me six days to read it since I don't read it continuously. And I don't know what to think yet. I don't really like the way or the reason for the Schools. I find it repulsive but then again, I guess if it's how the world would be, it's acceptable. For the story I mean. I don't really find it acceptable now. Or in the next days. It just isn't right even if the purpose is for greater good.What I like about this book is the main character herself, Eve. I like her for not being a whiny female protagonist, I like how she pick up herself and try to tend herself on her own. I like how she taught them to read. How she care about her friends.I read in a review that why do the author have to build up the story about the school. Why educate the girls and all that stuffs they do in the school if the girls would be like THAT. Just make them like animals who needed to be breed. I get it now. The School is trying to gain the girls' trusts. They need that in order to do whatever the hell they want without too many complications. It's more easy to educate them, try to gain their trusts, give them medicines, 'care' for them. Sooo anyway, that's how I see it and I did enjoy some parts of the book. It is good. :)