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Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7)

Gates of Paradise - Melissa  de la Cruz Can't believe that after this book, it's over now. :( But I'm gonna read this one and put off my other CR for now.OMG! I finished it! It's really really sad that this is the last book. :( I love this series that much. Don't really care about what others would say. The battle is not that epic but really, it's memorable. It's just right. I was a bit afraid that there'll be no battle like what happened in Rapture (Fallen series), but thank heavens, that it didn't end like that. And the secret is not that surprising since I think we all know that that would be her true... uh, yeah. Not saying anything. *zips mouth*At first, I kinda forgot what happened in the sixth or even in the fifth book and I should really refresh my mind before reading it but oh, well. What's done is done. Anyway, I do suggest that you read Wolf Pact though. But you'll survive even if you don't. Like what I did. ;)And I freakin' cried. :( I really liked the ending. And oh, that last chapter, makes me think that he should have his own series. LOL. It's surprising he'll be the new Regent. And that conduit... *zipping mouth tighter* Anyway, love it! Even Jack, I mean, I always love Jack but of course, he's great at acting like he don't care, that I don't like him that much sometimes. :P