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The Bully Book: A Novel

The Bully Book - Eric Kahn Gale Wow. I honestly don't know why I like reading stories about bullies. No, I am not a bully, I mean the worse kind of bully. I am a playful bully, the person/s I am bullying knew I was just joking so they don't let it hurt them. I even let them bully me back. LOL. That's how we show our love. :pBut the stories in a book like this one is something that is real, happening to a kid or kids in all over the world. There would be a bully in different country, cities, schools. There're lots of bullies and bullied in every corner of our different countries. This is an insight on how they work, how the bullies affect their targets, how they cope up, how they try to make it better. This is a way of letting everyone all over the world that bullying needs to STOP. And by bullying, I mean excessive name calling, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse. Bullies, you could still enjoy your school, classmates or have fun WITHOUT making fun of someone else. You need to put yourselves in their shoes first. Don't give us a reason that because he/she is lame you are doing bad things to this kid.The Bully Book gave us insight on how Bully Bookers made Eric's life miserable and HOW he LET them. You'll know after you read this book the reason how they choose you to be the GRUNT. The reason is somewhat helpful to the said Grunt, but the way the Bully Bookers do it is NOT. I feel that everyone should read this book. And please stop bullying. Some people couldn't cope with bullies so sometimes they end up taking their own lives. America got the worst of it. They got bullies too many to mentioned. And the rate of their suicides because they are being bullied at schools are high. Please know that you are not alone and you should talk to someone.It's hard and adults may not listen to you, but there is someone out there who definitely will listen and help you. Don't give up.