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Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding, #1)

Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde 2.5 stars.Finally! Finished reading it! OMG. I'll have the review later. I'm exhausted with all this shenanigans. I'm ranting! I know it's not a proper review. Maybe I'll do one when I'm not that busy anymore thinking whatnot. Don't Lexi (yes, we have same nickname) knew the quote "Once is enough, Twice is too much"? She actually let it until what, four times?! That's stupidity, not love anymore. >:(I banged my head on my laptop again and again with the choices she made. Can't you see that he's really not that serious with you and he just want some sex buddy or something?! Cause if he really wanted to be with you in the first place, he'll dump Danielle, Kate and Bekah to be with you without preamble. God. How could you be so dense? You got played! Again and again and again! You shouldn't let Jack manipulate you. And puh-leeze! Lexi said that she's fed up with Jack saying this and that but where is she? She still follow Jack like a lost puppy. She still go with him whenever he calls her to.And Jack, WTF are you? You are a freakin' ba$tard. Oh hell. You manipulative, conniving horny douche bag.