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Hidden (House of Night Series #10)

Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast REVIEW: with spoilers. Be warned.Okay... So, Hidden is the tenth, yes, you read it right, book in the House of Night Series which was released last October 16th. Uh, the book started where Destined, the ninth book, left off. Or more accurately, in the first chapter of this book, it was showing Neferet and what she's doing before Aurox went to Grandma Redbird's home and wreck havoc by killing Dragon Langford (Is the surname right?). So the concept is pretty good. Okay-ish. But as we all know it's really slow right from the start of this series. I mean, I'm pretty sure almost all of you wants Neferet to drop dead as in right now, yes? I believe my friends wanted to know if Neferet dies in this book. I'll tell you later. I know you people don't have the energy to read this anymore. So yes, I'm gonna spoil it for ya. There's good in this book. We all know how Zoey and the rest of the nerd herds plus the Queen of Bitch, Aphrodite are all 'bickering children', Thanatos words not mine but I so agree with her. And that didn't actually change from the start of the book. Plus, Zoey is being her whiny self and wallowing with grief and her snot. That didn't change too. BUT, Thank the Goddess, after 20 Chapters I think, the Goddess Nyx actually rephrase this "stop being whiny, you're not helping yourself or anyone for that matter. Stop bawling your eyes out" in a super nice way to Zoey. LOL.Oh, remember how Erin and Shaunee un-Twined in the ninth book? Well, Erin became a bitch. As in real bitch and decided to hang out and make out (ugh, ewww) with Dallas. Shaunee is pretty nice and started to have her own identity which they all love. Also, there's Shaylin, the first red fledgling that was marked. She was gifted by Nyx the True Sight, she could see auras plus... SPOILER ALERT, she replaced Erin's place as water in the circle. Aurox... I think we all know who Zoey saw in the Seer stone in Destined. Heath. Yes, Zoey's dead boyfriend. Heath's soul is inside Aurox's body. He became Aurox's humanity. That is why Aurox run back in the house of Grandma. And then there's Neferet. I was like "It's not really surprising that they'll shun you, you know." when the High Council decided against her. And she has the face to look shock at that one. Seriously, you are one heck of a nutcase, Neferet. So I was whooping for joy for about a minute when she fall off that damn balcony and said "Finally! Die, Neferet! Die!" And I actually believe it for that whole minute... BUT suddenly, I remembered that that insane woman is now freakin' immortal. Oh, for the love of all things holy. When will you die, Neferet?! For ten books, you give them pain and sorrow... When will they have the chance to kill you for good? Sigh. From the start, she's the main enemy... UNTIL NOW. and STILL her. 2.5 stars. It's not that bad, not that good either. Gueas that's it. Oh, by the way, Kalona was now in the good side and I think on his way to Nyx's forgiveness. And Erebus is just so freakin' selfish. I hope the Goddess zap him. >:(