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Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 3

Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 3 - Kanae Hazuki For the first part, I was annoyed with Aiko. >:( She's too focused on Yamato even though she already know that he already got Mei. She looked past Masashi (not sure if it's really his name. Kinda forgot. lol. :P) who really likes her a lot, chubby or not. He accepts her fully. And I really love how at the end of the Chapter, it's Mei's advice that makes them all okay. :)I totally love Nagi! :) She's cute and talented. On Chapter 11. OMG. Valentine's Day is so epic in Japan. I mean, it's really celebrated that much. Where girls buy or made chocolates for the guys they like. And that's when confessions usually were made. I feel like crying when Yamato ate the chocolate Mei made. OMG. I don't know but it's really sweet. dammit. I mean not the cake, I mean, of course it's sweet, it's chocolate. The gesture is sweet. You'll know when you read it. :)Sometimes it's annoying that people said things like "They look so perfect with each other" even though the guy got a girlfriend and it's not the girl they were talking about. >:( And what's hateful is that people didn't care if the girlfriend is within hearing distance. Duh. >:(Dammit... Dammit. This volume is a bit long. LOL. Not yet finished with the volume although I already rated it and reviewing it as I deemed fit. :P OMG.