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Rock Her (Rocked, #1)

Rock Her - Liz  Thomas Huh. Just Huh. What's up with this book? :O I'm not prude, I read erotica but I don't know. It's too explicit or whatever. LOL. And I like Adam Levine! But seriously, when Kip was introduced, I imagine him a big rocker guy. :-/ lol. I mean, Adam is NOT that muscled kind of man. He's okay. He's a bit thin but what I think of Kip, he's like uh, Ashton Kutcher's size. Not that I'm saying that I imagined Ashton. Just the size. And WHAT... Annie was hit by her ex-husband. Oh hell no. And then Kip just wanted to get it on Annie's pants. :/ What. The. Hell. and it's all of the things you could think of was written here. Just like what Katy said on her review.I'm done with this book. :/