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Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover I don't know what to rate this book... I didn't expect the plot to be like that. Speechless. :/ I'll make a proper review later when I get home. :) For now, 5 starsEDIT: There's a The best first kiss from Holder's POV in Colleen Hoover's blog! http://colleenhoover.com/2012/12/26/the-best-first-kiss-from-holders-point-of-view-merry-christmas/After two days... I still don't know what to say about this book... Hmmm... Okay... Let's try...First, I love the cover. That's ALWAYS the first thing I notice about a book. Then of course, I DON'T read the blurb. But this book... I always saw people in my Goodreads Updates that they say it's so good, it was amazing and all that positive feedback that I just had to bump it up in my TR List. I was that curious as to why they were having a raving reviews. Oh, I didn't read their reviews by the way, even the spoiler free reviews. :/ I want to know on my own. So there, I started to read it... Then put it off cause I was on vacation and my family was demanding attention. :P Then when I got back, I started reading it again. By the way, this is my first Colleen Hoover book. I have not read Slammed or Point of Retreat or whatever other books she have. So okay, back to the review...“I want you to keep them open...because I need you to watch me give you the very last piece of my heart.” Linden Sky... she reminds me of Ang. Well, just because she's also a noob in technology. :P In any case, I like her character because she's strong. Contrary to her belief, I so agree with Dean Holder. That she is a strong woman. I don't think plenty of women would be back up and walking again if that scenario happened to them. “The sky is always beautiful.Even when it's dark or rainy or cloudy,it's still beautiful to look at....it'll be there no matter what...and I know it'll always be beautiful.” Dean Holder... When we (Sky and I) first had a glimpse of Holder, my first thought was "HUH." But that changed when he did what he did in that parking lot. I was now officially intrigued by this plot. I know there's something in Holder. We both know there's something holding Holder back.I was so focused on Holder. I didn't know that what he knew had would affect Sky too. A great effect because it's all about HER, SKY. Not really that much about Holder. He and Les were just a necessary side story. So imagine my shock when the secrets were all coming down fast to Sky. And when she came back to where it all started and retrieve some more of her memories? I did not cry. I was beyond horrified that someone could do that, when all the secrets were revealed. It actually made me remember my own written stories 4 or 5 years ago. I also wrote something like that. The father doing unspeakable things to his daughter. The only time I cried was when Holder and Sky were talking in the hotel. I feel for them. :( I like how the story progressed. How it was all connected to Sky. Why her 'adoptive' mother did all that. I like how Holder and Sky still got each other in the end and they tried to heal together. It's not easy, but I think they could do it. :) “Its real, Six. You cant get mad at a real ending. Some of them are ugly. Its the fake happily ever afters that should piss you off.” I know this is not a good review, but that's what summed up my thoughts on this book. So I'm retaining my 5 stars rating for this book. :)