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In Too Deep

In Too Deep - Portia Da Costa BOTW for 21st December 2012.I finally continued the book. I finished it like an hour ago and totally forgot to mark it read. Been busy looking for Logo Quiz apps in my tablet. LOL. Anyway...I spent 4 days reading it but in actuality if you just count the number of hours I spemt reading it... it would only be just less than 6 hours. What? I am busy watching House M.D. so I didn't bother reading anything. Plus I am always out with my bf or friends. The book is, was, okay. I feel like it's really lacking and it could still grow and developed into a good book. I mean, towards the ending where she wrote a letter, I was waiting for something MORE to happen. Not that kind of ending. There's supposed to be more to that. I know he didn't admit the Nemesis thing but if they don't want to verbally confirm it... I NEED TO KNOW. Confirm it verbally. I don't like guessing evem though I am probably right about it. This book is just sex. Might as well put it in a short story category and there's no real substance. BUT still... I want the plot to grow. damn. LOL. oh heck. Anyway... Merry Christmas! :P