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Black City

Black City - Elizabeth  Richards Can't wait for this one! :) 11.13.12 - IT's OUT!!! Wooohooo! I'll be stopping my Currently reading for this one. :) Gonna read it now. Yay! You just have to wait Fifty Shades Freed. :P I can't gather my thoughts for this book... Black City is a Dystopian AND Paranormal book rolled into one. I don't know why but the love story reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. They have something in common. Maybe because Natalie Buchanan is the Emissary's daughter... And well, Ash Fisher is a Twin-blood. A half-Darkling and half-human. You know, forbidden love and all that shenanigans. I must say that the world building is great. Although I first became confused but as you read on, the questions that pops into your head while reading were answered one by one. BUT it's a bit sad cause I don't really feel the connection between the main characters. I mean, they are great, uh, I feel the connection but not that strong like what I feel in the past for the other books I have read. Eh, maybe I'm still in Fifty Shades so that's why. Characters in there were too strong. :OAnyway, I almost drop my tablet earlier when I read the part about that heart thingy. I had my theory about that and damn, I am so right. I really don't like it when suddenly there's another person thrown into the love story. >:( Love Triangle sucks sometimes. Ah, Darklings are vampires, essentially. But there's different types. There's the cat type too. And the one with the wings. :O Like an Angel. Well, I did enjoy reading this book. So yeah, 3.5 stars.