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Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James I really don't know what and how to rate this book. I can't say that this is really an amazing book cause I feel that it's really not. But I can't say that I didn't like it cause I did, NOT because my friends (yes the girls that made me read this) would tell me that I'm a liar or PRUDE. ;DWhat made me continue reading this is not because of the steamy scenes which were so many that I lost count of it. It's like for every chapter they were either having sex or a heated discussion. It was because I'm insanely curious about Christian Grey's fuckedupness. I want to know why he was like that. And thank God it was finally revealed to me and that it's almost what I expected. What I didn't expect to see was Christian as a submissive. I was left mouth opened gaping like an idiot at my phone (reading kindle at my phone, tablet ran out of battery), trying to comprehend what the hell just happened and why am I seeing that scene. It was so unexpected that my heart goes to Christian. His childhood was not that morbid in my mind but seeing Christian as a Sub when he is now a Dom was um, a bit disturbing? Cause Ana has that power over Christian. Or maybe it's not the word. Not disturbing... It's weird to see a man begging for you not to go. You know, since man is essentially have this pride higher than tallest building or mountain in the world. And yes! No Red Room! I mean its just once. And whatever happened there stays there. I don't wanna discuss what happened there cause its weird for me. :/ Although one thing I could say about it is that they came back happy and contented.I noticed that the dialogues in the book, both book 1 and book 2 were quite the same with each other. It keeps on repeating. The talk about food, the how Christian was angry about something, how Ana feels about Elena. :/ The mention of same words all throughout the book was a bit exhausting to read.Btw, the event at the last part, for Christian's birthday was a surprising one. And it's pretty good to have that scene once and for all. Oh, another thing, I know, I'm so effin' innocent about BDSM, but... there's this line Christian said that Ana don't know what he could do about the canes and cats... so that leaves me questioning what does one do with a cane?? You know, caning. Plus with a cat??? WTF??? Is my imagination right? ... Oh scratch that, I don't want my imagination to be right cause I might hurl. :/