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The Spindlers

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver,  Iacopo Bruno The Spindlers remind me of Alice in Wonderland. *rolls eyes* I'm too oblivious for my own good. I should have known after that 20%. >_< not like I don't like Alice in Wonderland... But really... It'll definitely remind you of that one. Even though you don't want to.And actually, it's like a compilation of children books. I know I read somewhere or seen somewhere about a troll who would give you a riddle first before you could cross the bridge. As you read the book, you'll definitely be reminded of some other children's story books.I really like Lauren Oliver, love her Dystopian books, Delirium and Pandemonium... But this is uh, okay. Just that. Yes, she introduced new kind of things. Like the Spindler, Nocturni (Although I keep on thinking about where did I hear it first), Scawgs, etc. But the whole save my brother thing would also reminds you of Megan saving Ethan of the series The Iron King. Why Alice in Wonderland? Remember that Alice kind of uh, dropped or went to the Wonderland? It's almost similar there (should've known from the start) when Liza got dropped from their house's basement and met the rat, Mirabella. Then the rat help her to reach the Spindler's nest to save her brother cause they (Spindlers) took him and replace him with a, uh, what do you call it again? Ah, thanks to Wikipedia, a CHANGELING of sorts. See what I mean about The Iron King?But in fairness, the way the story was written was good. Lauren Oliver is a very good story teller. I believe the book would be enjoyed by lots of children too. And maybe if they haven't read Alice in Wonderland yet. LOL. :P Definitely a must read for children though. P.S. I so love the Nocturni. They are sooooo cool.