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Sexセラピスト (GUSH COMICS)

SEXセラピスト - Kazuma Kodaka, Kazuma Kodaka Oddly enough, this is pretty good. :o Odd cause well, I don't even know the guy's name in here. It wasn't mentioned all throughout this one shot manga. Maybe it's Cain? Since that's the bar name?This manga was about a guy who runs a bar named Kain. I think he has some powers or something or he just drugged his costumers to hallucinate. >_< He said he is a sex therapist. He listened to their love problems and then the guy became the customer's love. I mean, he changed his appearance to the customer's love. Weird, yeah. And then they have sex. :O But afterwards, the customer confronts the one he loves, and they all work out their love life. Oddly, that sex helps. :/