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Scarlet Woods (Book 1 of the Scarlet Woods Trilogy)

Scarlet Woods - Brooke Passmore I'd like to thank the author, Brooke Passmore for giving me a chance to read this book and review it for all of you. Thank you very much!I honestly don't know what rate will I give this novel... Until now, I don't know. It didn't WOW-ed me. I feel it is just good but not that amazing. The novel is incredibly long. Although it's not boring but seriously, there's a lot of things going on in the book. I guess the scenes are necessary and well thought... it's just that yeah... too long for my taste. But if you'll ask me if I would want something to be removed in the scene... There's none I would want to take off in the novel.While reading this book, I kept on remembering this old film--well, not really old, like 2006 old only--that was released in the Philippines called Moments of Love. It was of the same plot but well, in the book, the time was 1863 while in the movie, it's 1950s. The difference was that in this novel, Danny Carson was from 1863 while Morgan was from the year 2013. In the movie, it was the other way around. The male lead was from the future while the female was from the past. They don't have the special door going on in the film... and the only way they communicate was thru a telephone call. They don't really meet each other personally.Scarlet Woods was a novel I don't usually read and first time reading a time-traveling characters. It's pretty weird how they worked it out. I kept on thinking that one day the power or magic of that special door would lose. And that one day they'll have to choose which side they'll live in. The characters were a bit annoying since they were, uh, stupid? or something. Actually, it's just Morgan for me that made me feel like I want to snap her little neck cause of being annoying. It's because how could she not understand that Danny was doing what he thought was the right thing. It's just that Danny is from 1863! Can't she understand that it's different from hers and Danny's time? Okay, so maybe she did, but still, ugh. Dammit. It annoyed the heck out of me. Then there's this part where she made Danny choose again! For Heaven's sake. And I hate that Roy Walker for doing that awful thing to Sam. I can't even keep on reading it when I got to that part. I feel Sam pain. I feel like I'm the one receiving the pain. I got teary eyed when I read Sam about to lose hope. :( Scarlet Woods pretty much give me a lot of emotion. One moment I was smirking, the next I want to punch Roy (for being an ass) or Morgan (for being stupid) and then made me cry too. I wonder what would happen next in the second book. Hmm... Anyway, pretty good.