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El Filibusterismo: Subversion: A Sequel to Noli Me Tangere

El Filibusterismo (Subversion) - José Rizal, Ma. Soledad Lacson-Locsin, Raul L. Locsin In El Filibusterismo, Ibarra came back but he hide his real identity cause they claim in Noli Me Tangere that Ibarra died. He came back known as Simoun, a rich jeweler. In here, he's all out seeking revenge. After what happened in Noli, he now seeks revenge to the Spanish Government. He concocted a revolution against the government. Damn, can't remember it all. Since I read this back in my high school years. >_< But well, the lesson is that revenge is not really something that will make you proud or will be the solution to the problem. Rizal shows what would be the outcome if the Filipinos use violence as a way to oppose the Spaniards. I think. LOL. Anyway, the novels were really an eye opener and should be read by every Filipinos. Thankfully, it was included in the curriculum for High School and even College students. I have this subject in College called, Rizal, where we discuss Rizal's life and works. All I could say is that he's a genius and a womanizer. :P