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Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)

Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) - 'Jose Rizal',  'Jose Rizal' This book was made by our National Hero, Jose Rizal back when he was in Germany. It was made when the Spaniards are currently wrecking havoc in our land, Philippines. Rizal chose to do his own battle by writing a novel instead of arms.Noli Me Tangere revolves around in Crisostomo Ibarra. He was a good man. He came back to Philippines after studying in Europe. Long story, so I'll just shorten it. His father was accused and then went to jail. It's just because of Padre Damaso. >:( But Ibarra didn't want a revenge. He just carried on his father's plan of building schools. Of course, there's still those who didn't want Ibarra to do good stuff and decided to assassinate him and it would be successful if not for Elias. He was saved. And the story progress, this novel shows what the Spaniards did to Philippines, how corrupt some of them become because they thought that the Filipinos are stupid people. They abused us, called us Indios, excommunicate those who defies the Catholic Church, etc. Actually this was the time where the Priest from the Madrid showed how corrupt some of them are. There's this priest, Father Damaso, who even had a child in this novel, which is Maria Clara. Her mother was raped by Padre Damaso.This novel is one of the greatest book Rizal made. Oh, Rizal is a genius. Dammit for his excellent brains. LOL. He's so freakin' talented, he's a know it all. He knew lots of profession, he's an engineer, writer, Ophthalmologist, poet, woodcarver, he knew how to sketch too, he knew Medicine too. He's the one who operates on his mother's eye. He's a freakin' genius. :O Like Sherlock Holmes, Sheldon Cooper combine. :O