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Brother x Brother 05

Brother X Brother 5 - Hirotaka Kisaragi, Ai Aoki Brother X Brother is a yaoi and a psychological manga. Er... There's minimal sex scene as the story progress. At first there's a lot. But now that Kaname (omg, Kaname is so pretty when dressed up as a girl. damn, I'm in love with him) and Souichiro ends up together... And Masato still living with the two together, I think it's better this way. I like it. Even though some of the people here in GR think otherwise. I cried too because of this. I really like Kaname a lot and Souichiro too. I thought that Masato wouldn't warm up with Souichiro but then, he did. And the bond of the "brothers" is stronger than ever. I like how they both (Souichiro and Masato) wanted to protect Kaname. He's so submissive (that's why I think he's being manipulated sometimes plus he's so damn attractive that boys and girls alike loves him). Masato is such a nice Big Brother to both of them. :) I hope this manga update soon.