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Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu - Secret Unrequited Love (Volume 12)

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu - Secret Unrequited Love (Volume 12) - Kotomi Aoki I can't remember when I read this. But I think over the year now? This manga is sweet, funny and utterly heartbreaking for me. I even cried because of this manga. :( Takuma and Mayu was childhood friends. They met at the hospital cause Takuma has a heart problem and Mayu is the daughter of Takuma's doctor. Dr. Taneda, Mayu's father, predicted or should I say, deducted that Takum wouldn't live past twenties since his heart problem is kinda rare and hard to cure. Mayu and Takuma fell in love with each other in an early age. Takuma can't go to a proper school cause of his condition. He can't play any tiring thing. But he really likes to play with everyone. Mayu feels in the loneliness Takuma felt.But then, Takuma heard that he'll never get pass twenties and so he said that he'll be going to school with a boarding house. To stay away with Mayu. But then again, Mayu is stubborn. She followed Takuma. :)Mayu is Takuma's rock. Even though they are like cats and dogs sometimes, they are pretty sweet. Takuma is staying away from Mayu because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore by staying close to her and well, falling more deeply in love.The story goes on with Mayu trying to get into Takuma again. Takuma really do love Mayu and sometimes can't help himself with Mayu around him. And when they finally get together again, they get themselves married. And start to live life until Takuma... well, in all honesty, it didn't say if he died or not. So I really wanted to know what happened after that.But that's the end. Or I didn't remember that well? Oh whatever. I feel that this manga is not yet finished. Although in the manga site, it said that it's completed.