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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Finally! I have read the book and finished it! After having it for so many months, I finally decided to read it. And guess what? Rachel from Fiktshun who gave me this book (Thanks Rachel!) is totally right! I love it! I am officially swooning over Kaidan Rowe. It's... Oh my God. Okay. So before me gushing out about Kaidan... Let me do a quick recap of the book, hopefully not spoiling anything...Anna Whitt is someone who's a good girl. Who stayed away from sin if she could help it. So it was ironic when she finally know what is her real nature. She's one of a kind. When I read the blurb, I immediately thought that she's a daughter of a demon cause there's a question "will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?" and that the halo thingy is just her battling her inner demon to save her humanity. But I guess it's just me thinking about that kind of reasoning.One might say that it's because she also have a parent who's an Angel. Well that is true. But Anna didn't know anything about her parents, didn't know what she really is, a Nephilim. She just thought that she's rather special cause of her unique abilities like seeing auras, sensing emotions, etc. Then she met Kaidan Rowe. That hot drummer, son of Lust... Oh damn. Enough said. He's a bit of a jerk at some point but he's totally lovable! I can't stop grinning about this book. I like Kaidan more cause he's a drummer (I have a thing about drummers) and his name is Kaidan. I have this favorite JRock band named thE GazettE, and I adored the drummer there too, his name is also KAI. So that also adds to the factors why I love the book.Plot... it's not your ordinary angel vs demon book. It's something a bit new. I was drawn by how Kaidan and Anna interacted, I like how Higgins made the book, how she enumerate the story one by one for us to discover more about Anna and Kaidan. But I don't like how Anna became so... uh, negative about something. I think that's the only thing I don't like. How Anna could be a bit whiny when depressed.I actually thought that Jay, the human best friend would eventually fall for Anna in the long run... Or just I know there'll be a love triangle in this one but I didn't expect the other guy. It's cause he was introduced after 50% of the book. I'm not really a fan of love triangle but I guess that's just how it is in some books.Overall, it's really a good book! ;) Worth a try. 4.5 stars.