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The Spook's Blood (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #10)

The Spook's Blood (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #10) - Joseph Delaney I'm on my tenth one!!! :) Soon I'll catch up with Glam. :)Whoa. One of the best book in the series. From 'The Dark Lord' to 'Strigoi' and 'Moroi'. HP and VA. Lol. The Spook's blood proved my hypothesis wrong. Since I, admittedly, have seen JP's question to Glam earlier (Yes, it was placed in a spoiler and I still read it), I was really shocked about it. I started to think that he's dead.I actually didn't think that this series would add Vampires in their list of evil denizens of the dark. It is not the 'sparkly vampires' JP always said about Twilight. This vamps here are gross and really monster-like. :/ I don't even want to imagine them for the fear of dreaming it at night. Oh! Earlier, there's this local show in my country that shows the old legends here. There's this psychic girl saying that this creature, 'aswang', as we called it, was warning them to stay ayaw from its lair or else it'll come to them. And they also have a drawn picture of it after the people in the neighborhood describe it. These aswang could shapeshift from black ominous cats to large dogs. The picture looks like a werewolf. Big and scary looking not like the fluffy Jacob of Twilight. >_< at first when I saw that TV program I jokingly said "You need the Spook and Tom Ward!" But as I listened more, I grew scared cause I remember my dreams about those creatures back when I was a kid. :/And well, just saying. I believe in Angels and well, to those kinds of things too. Those legends are not just that. Maybe I've been reading a LOT of Spook's books. :OBack to the review, although Alice annoyed me whenever she said to Tom that she did this and that for him to his face, I'm a bit concerned about what Tom was supposed to do on the Halloween. I pity Tom for having such HUGE responsibilities even though he's not yet completed in his apprenticeship. It's like the whole world is in his hands and it'll be his fault if he didn't defeat the Fiend. Easy said than done. Overall, a well deserved 5 stars! The Spook's Blood just proved me wrong in a good way! Cause really thought John Gregory is dead. And since the title is Spook's Blood, I thought it was Mr. Gregory's blood cause he'll be dead. >_< I blame JP for that one since he asked about the Spook's head! I'll read the latest book tomorrow MORNING. Because Glam said that it is SCARY. And she doesn't get scared easily. ???