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Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Will be reading with the girls!!! Yeah!!! Saw that a lot of my friends absolutely LOVED this book. My expectations are quite high. But I have a feeling I'll be one of those who'll be squeeing over this book and will be annoyed cause I'll be left waiting for the next book next year or whatever.BTW, the girl in the cover reminds me of the cover girl in Paranormalcy. :O THE REVIEW:First off, Poison Princess by Kresley Cole is a very intriguing book. I was a bit horrified at the Prologue and keep on thinking "What on earth is this man doing? And what is his role in this book?" This was answered at the end of the book. Although I must admit, I didn't see the signs that I should've seen there. I'm that oblivious. In any case, Poison Princess started with Evie telling her story about a week before the Flash happen just when she got back from the CLC. She's desperate to return back to normal, to forget that CLC didn't happen and she actually believe that she's returning back to normal. But the 'delusions', hit her again. Harder this time.As the story goes on, questions are piling up and catching with the present. 'Where is Jackson?', 'Are they just on a mission or something?' And I also grew frustratingly annoyed with Evie cause well, why don't she tell the truth to Jack? Of course, there's the issue of secrecy. But still, why can't you trust him? *sigh inwardly*Overall though, I really liked this book. Yes, some questions were answered. Uh, it's not really a cliffhanger... BUT for me, it is. Confusing? It's just that I still have questions and by the end I still asked "What will happen to Evie and Jack now?" And even though Evie is so freakin' whiny, I still like it. LOL. BTW, What's the THG-like ending??? :ONevertheless, Poison Princess is beautifully created and I can't wait for the next book. ;)