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Spook's Destiny (The Wardstone Chronicles)

Spook's Destiny (The Wardstone Chronicles) - Joseph Delaney Uh... I like it okay. But I dunno... It's getting old. I mean, too long for a series. :O Mention of the Old God Pan, and saying that Pan is evil... Um, I believed he is nice cause of Percy Jackson. But well in here, I was forced to believed he is otherwise. But then when the Old God appeared, my first belief was right. He's not bad. The mages were just using his powers for the dark. Alice was now captured by the Fiend cause of that Celtic Witch. Her name's hard to spell so I didn't bother remembering it. :D Anyway, I know that there's a book dedicated for Alice so she can't be dead yet. OH, and I just blurted out "just like the platform nine and three-quarters!" :D You have to run at full throttle to the wall to get back to the mortal world. :PThey will try to bind the Fiend with the help of Grimalkin. Tom got a new sword. A blood crying sword! Pretty cool since it was also forged by Hephaestus! Holy Hephaestus! Alice! OMG.