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アオハライド 2 (マーガレットコミックス)

アオハライド 2 - Io Sakisaka, 咲坂伊緒 When you and your friend both like the same guy, be effin' sport about it. >:( Tell honestly how you felt about him and don't friggin' lie about it just to spare her feelings. Ugh. I hate it when girls lie just because they think about what the friend would think. So effin' what if you both like him? If the friendship would crumble just like that then your friendship is SO FAKE. And if you ended up saying a lie, your friend would be hurt. It's much worse than telling the truth. If she can't deal with the truth, you guys don't have to be friends anymore.AND!!!! OH MY GOD. I was oh my god-ing the whole time. :D How could Kou be sweet. >_