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ONE PIECE 60 (ジャンプコミックス)

ONE PIECE 60: 弟よ - Eiichiro Oda, 尾田栄一郎 I think it is still currently ongoing. The latest chapter of Volume 60 was released last October 2 in English at Manga site. I reeeaaaallllllyyyy love One Piece, more than Naruto and Bleach. One Piece's Monkey D. Luffy really knows how to make me cry. LMAO. I'm such a sissy. Yesterday, me and my boyfriend was watching One Piece Episode 566, I already watched that (also read the manga) so I know what happened there. But there's this line from Luffy saying that he wouldn't let anyone get hurts in Fishman Island to Fukaboshi. And that they we're friends that's why he was helping them. I dunno why, I got teary eyed AGAIN in that scene. My boyfriend was like, "why are you crying?" I said "Cause of Luffy! I get teary whenever he said things like that." And so he was laughing at me. :OI don't remember how many times I did cry in this anime. Well, okay, I remember. :P One time, when Merry (their old tattered ship) broke down after saving them in Enies Lobby and they had to burn her down. I was crying a lot then. Another one, when Usopp and Luffy had a misunderstanding cause of that thing with Merry.And when Portgas D. Ace died while saving Luffy from Akainu. :O I was freakin' crying over that, manga AND anime. That's HOW good One Piece is!!! My favorite Shounen Manga of all time!!! Although Naruto did made me cry when Itachi died. ;)