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Flight: Book 1 of the Crescent Chronicles

Flight - Alyssa Rose Ivy Reading it with Alisa! :) yay!!! Had a huge head start for this cause she's a pretty fast robot. :O So I put off my other CR for this one! :) I hope this one is good! I don't really read the blurbs anymore. Um, yeah, cover snob. :o4.5 stars.Flight is an easy to read book. Just like the title, the flight is relatively easy, good and fast. I totally enjoyed it. I actually thought it'll be about werewolves since it was shelved in that category but NO, it was NOT about WEREWOLVES perse. It is about shifters.In this first book, the paranormal world is not really that much um, existent? I mean, it's not like Twilight where the readers are sucked--pardon the pun--into the vampire world. It's like... Blood and Guitars. You know there are that kind of uh, not people, but for the lack of better word, lets call them people.How can I explain it in English? Oh my god. >_< The world they are in are not YET fully explained. Ivy kept Levi mysterious but well, some of the questions had been answered. Still, at the end, it was such a cliffhanger that I wanted to read the next book right now. Sadly, it'll be released next year. I enjoy the easy banter of Levi and Allie. Guess that cocky guys are really in demand right now that I've read lots of them and absolutely love them. Lol. Allie is sometimes annoying for being hard to get for a minute and then goes 180° change, then goes back to being hard to get. >:( Although I fully understand her for reverting back.Hooray for finishing it for six continuous hours of reading! well, it's only 162 pages or something so I'm bound to finish it less than a day. :O