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The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna I forgot to give this book a review. I haven't written any review for the past days or I mean, for a week now. I'm really sorry. Well, in any case...The Lost Girl was brilliantly made by Mandanna. A totally different dystopian book. Different cause there's no ONE eating one another (I just suddenly remember The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda) and even though there's no one hacking one another (besides the thing with Ophelia).The world building was so good and I don't know why but it reminds me of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I know, they are different. Anyway, it's pretty good, cause... cause... Do I need a reason? One, Echoes are like having a clone. Now that I think about it, it's really about clones. Although as far as I know, clones today are um, artificial intelligence only? Um... so, in here, they are woven by well, weavers. These echoes have their own mind and feelings. They are supposed to learn how their other self. They received journal entries written by their other self so that when it was time to replace them they know what happened to their life. Who's who, what's what, etc. It was really good to have idea like that but let's face it, the echoes have their mind on their own. They might not like the life you are offering to them. I mean, you are replacing someone cause they died. For me, I don't want that kind of thing. Cause how could I heal if every time, every moment, every breath, I could see someone I love here? Sure it might ease my pain but still, it's like replacing the memory you have with that person. You know that that person in front of you is NOT them and never will be no matter how much he/she copied your loved one. It will never be the same. And yes, I totally understand Ray. So I wish that Eva will have her OWN life in the next books. But yes, I know that it'll not happen soon cause of that CRAZY man, Adrian. :O