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Attack of the Fiend (Last Apprentice Series #4)

The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend (Book 4) - Joseph Delaney Definitely the best books of this series so far. The story was much fired up unlike the first three. It's much better cause of the battle between the witches and the people of Pendle, to be exact, Downham. I mean, it's not really that elaborate like the fourth and fifth book of Percy Jackson, but I still digged it. It would really make you grip the edge of your chair tighter as you read it.And finally, some answers about Tom's Mam! It made me a bit shocked at what the two trunks filled inside. I certainly didn't expect that. And I wonder why it was there and why did his Mam put it inside? Is it because she somehow knew what would happen just like she predicted things on the second book? In any case, Tom's Mam's room really saved him from evil things.