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The Spook's Secret: Book 3 (The Wardstone Chronicles)

Spook's Secret - Joseph Delaney I missed reading this series. I was supposed to buy this third book at our local bookstore but sadly the third book was soldout. Only the hardback was available and I can't buy that one cause it cost twice the paperback. :O In any case, I started reading this again yesterday and well, finished it today. One thing to say, I really like Tom Ward. And sometimes I want to hate Alice cause she sometimes says things that make Tom feel like he's unfair to Alice or something. Can't explain it well. :/ Finally some of the Spook's secrets were now out in the open. I really thought that he's the father. :oI was wondering why didn't Tom just distract the Morgan so that the latter wouldn't finish his ritual? Hmmmm... In any case, it was resolved, so that's okay now. I also wondered what are the stuffs Tom's Mam kept in that room. Better read the fourth one. I can keep reading this now even in the dark. Yay, go me! ;)