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Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram EDIT: Oh sheesh!!! I love the new cover!!! Originally posted here: http://lexiereads.blogspot.com/2012/06/book-review-being-jamie-baker-by-kelly.htmlWARNING: Extreme babbling.Now, where do I begin? This book was recommended to me by a guy friend. Yes, a guy, straight guy, I can't really begin to fathom how he read this book and enjoyed it as much as I did. Why? It's not your normal Paranormal book (that's sounds confusing.lol), what I mean to say is that from the beginning of this book it oozes of Chick Lit. Of girly girl things. I don't really expect to love this book. I was kind of wanting to read other books before I finish The Golden Lily (yes, review will come for that) because as much as I don't want to admit, Golden Lily didn't keep my attention (I'll explain that when the review comes).Anyway. On to the review. Have I said that I love this book, yet? I did? Well, let me tell you again, I super love it! You could see I gave it 5 stars that's how I love the book. If I could I'd give it an A+! This book had me from the first line. The plot is something I haven't read for awhile. Definitely Chick Lit like but with a touch of supernatural powers. Jamie Baker character is a refreshing one, for me that is. I haven't read main female characters with superpowers, when I say superpowers, not like Vampires, Werewolves, Half-Demon, Angels, Nephilim, Witch or the likes. Jamie Baker is like Superman. The difference--besides the obvious she's a girl--was that she's really not like man of steel. I mean, she still could get hurt, achy body and all. And unlike Superman, she couldn't fly but she has this ability that made Ryan Miller go crazy about. Besides the fact that she's so hot. She's also an outcast, well, she chose to be one and she has a reputation of Ice Queen in their school.Ryan Miller is funny, a quarterback, outgoing, hot, witty and conceited type of guy. Too much. BUT that's what I love about him. He reminds me of Adrian of Vampire Academy with his witty comebacks. I love everything about Ryan. He's not that pushy (not the pushy kind of jerk), he's really nice to other people, especially girls. Gentleman if you ask me."Denial is very unhealthy for a person, Jamie.""In my dreams you're usually dressed like Wonder Woman."“I kissed Ryan, and it charged him up like a freaking Duracell.”It's nice to read stories where the parents are supportive to their child. Annoying but you just have to love them back. So I totally love this book. And there are some scenes I laughed with them, smirk along with Ryan Miller, grins, I also cried a bit too. I must admit, I didn't expect the twist. I mean, I didn't think that he'll be obsess with Jamie. I thought he's a super nice guy but that just a front. If you wanna know who I'm talking about, go grab a copy! It's a definitely must read book! :) You'll never regret reading this. BTW, Imagine Megan Fox as Jamie Baker. ;) Never mind since almost all don't want Megan as Jamie. lol.Also, check out Kissing Jamie Baker. Ryan Miller's POV of the kiss. :) EDIT: I'm bumping it down, been meaning to when I saw Katy's review last 2 months ago? And well, since she really has some points there, and cause now that I think about it, Ryan is really a bit delusional and all. :D Plus Jamie is being annoying. BUT that doesn't mean I don't like them anymore.Even though I want to bumped it down, I up it again cause Katy made me feel guilty. >_