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Avoiding Responsibility (Avoiding, #2)

Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde 3.5 stars. That's saying something, isn't it? I can finally say that I'm done with this series. I had my eyes rolled at almost all the effin' scenes. Sighed like there's no tomorrow; I'd also CUSSED a LOT in DIFFERENT Languages I know (English--WTF is always there of course, Tagalog--which is actually sounds a lot like Spanish, Japanese and Korean); I also keep asking myself Why the hell am I doing reading this book? but of course I keep on reading.Actually it's NOT that bad like the first book, I haven't smacked my head in the wall, just slapped my forehead once. And also I just feel like throwing a tantrum. Well, yeah, I was lying in my bed and I read this scene and I just moved my legs up and down against the bed with hands too. And moaned "What the fuck. Ugh. Huhuhu." Yep, feel like crying, I almost did. Thinking about it, it sounds bad...Okay let me explain, all those actions I did was just once when Jack and Lexi met again in that huge house of Bridges. I am NOT sorry nor ASHAMED to admit that I skipped the part where there's a LOT of horny-like descriptions over Jack and how Lexi feels about his stare or whatnot. I don't give a damn about Jack. I only care about Ramsey. I honestly thought that Lexi didn't deserve Ramsey and she and Jack could both go to hell. But well, things change.For one, Lexi tries to get over Jack. I give her that, but she could still be annoying as hell. I started to like her again during the confrontations with Jack and everyone. I even cheered when she did that to Jack! Way to go sister! That prick deserves it and I wish that she did that a long time ago. I proud of her. Okay, you could have the same name as me. :PI know that Ramsey had some baggages too but I didn't expect THAT. Although I still like him a lot. I could say that he's really a LOYAL man. Totally opposite of Jack. I still don't get his devotion over Bekah. I thought there's more to it, not because they are brother and sister. I feel like there's something MORE in their childhood that made him that way to Bekha. Mystery Man? Hell, I really thought it's Adam, or Brandon (Pookie, ;)), more on the former. I know that Adam is really attached to Chyna but I guess there's some signs that I clearly misunderstood. And Bekah? She could go to hell for all I care. She and Jack deserved each other. :/ "This is Bekah! She's only getting married once and you want to miss that?I BEG to disagree. You could MARRY a LOT of times. You could marry different people too if you want. *rolled my eyes*Confrontation scene is so EPIC. I like it. Finally everything is OUT and I'm glad how things ended for Lexi and Ramsey. Banzai for me for finishing this book and series! Now, I'm going back to my dose of YOUNG ADULT books. :)