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ひよ恋 6 (りぼんマスコットコミックス)

Hiyokoi 6 - Yukimaru Moe OH MY GOSH!!! I was totally gushing over this manga! I've been reading since last night until 2am! And I just love it when Hiyorin finally confessed to Yuushin! Well, not a prepared confession just the "I just blurted it without really planning to" type. :PANDDDD!!! They finally got together! Yay!!! Hiyorin is really a funny character although sometimes a bit annoying cause she's so, um, lacking of self confidence? And so negative? But still it didn't really frustrate me really bad. It's kinda fun too. Hiyorin was really trying her hard to LEVEL UP. ;) I like her a lot.And Yuushin... He's a really TALL guy. lol. And well, he's kind, nice to everyone, loved by everyone and protective to Hiyorin. It reminds me of Lovely Complex but the reverse one. I mean, in Lovely Complex, the girl Risa was too TALL for Otani who's a chibi. *laughs*I love how they're starting their relationship and how innocent Hiyorin is. (Don't attack her, Yuushin or Natsuki would kill you! :P) I know this is not finished yet, I think. I'm just reading online and well, I haven't read the whole volume 6 yet. But I definitely love this volume more than the first five. :)