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Blood Forever

Blood Forever - Mari Mancusi WARNING: Contained some unmarked spoilersLAST BOOK!!! Blood Forever just got a LOT of eye rolls from me although I must admit, there were some times, I think less than five times that I actually smirk at some of the conversations. BUT well, I still find something that is not to my liking.For starters... I forgot how Sunny could be so whiny about almost all things. Forgot how she could be a complete idiot. I mean, DUH, isn't it obvious what a BITE NIGHT is? And she had to ask WHAT IS IT. *rolled my eyes* She actually admit she's an idiot. And then there's the whole changing the future thing. Um, yeah, that's so frustrating in my part.Why? Well, for one thing what's the first seven books all about then? >:( They altered the whole story and sheesh! You could put it in one book, why make it 8 books? LOL. I mean, I seriously like this series when I first read the books. I'm not being mean or anything, I liked it back then. But now, with all the shenanigans, I don't know. Not really much. I groaned when I got to the part of the Project Z. Oh for the love of God. There's Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries in this book, why not throw another kind in the whole fiasco? Like the gross, brain-eating people (I don't think they count as PEOPLE), ZOMBIES. It just became like a Post Apocalyptic world with all those zombies. Major Ugh. Sorry, I'm really not a fan of Zombies, as I don't read nor watch TV series about it. And please! Stop mentioning Twilight. It's really getting old. I hurt my eyes from rolling it too much whenever Twilight or other TV series were mentioned. Vampire Diaries was mentioned too. Oh yeah, gosh. BTW, there's this scene, where 'Magnus was looking for Sunny'--her mom's words, not mine-- and then her mom said "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend, Sunny?" NOTE that I bold-ed the name. Cause afterwards, Magnus is still calling Sunny, Rayne. I was like, Magnus, I know you're a thousand year old vampire but are you that forgetful? Cause you see, Magnus is, I believe within earshot to hear Sunny's Mom saying her name. And now that I check, her Mom is standing next to Magnus at that time. So is that a typographical error then? And oh btw, not to confuse you or anything, Sunny is posing as Rayne cause remember Rayne was the one who enrolled to the vamp training and Magnus' orignal blood mate.I really like Rayne. She's a strong character although sometimes she has too much HERO AND Goth fetish. But at least she could seriously kick some ass. The good side, I finally got the closure. I like how it end even though I know you could just be done with it from the start of the series anyway. At least no one died anymore in the family. They all live happily ever after. It was okay. AND I plead the fifth.EDIT: I forgot to add, remember how Sunny's being so adamant about turning to vampire in Book 1? Huh. In this ending, I could only roll my eyes, sigh loudly and muttered "Finally! If that's how you'll end, why prolong Magnus' agony? Sigh."